Hanau Blue Q

The Gentle Revolution.

  • A new generation of high-pressure lamps
  • Maximum irradiance of only 0.3 W/m³
  • Simple plug & play solution, allowing to adjust older equipment to the new LVD limits
  • Innovative blue quartz glass is reducing unwanted short wave radiation 
  • The UV protection ordinance has been passed. This means that new quality and safety requirements apply to tanning salon operators.


    The ordinance reduces the maximal erythemal radiation value to 0.3 Watt/m². This is to minimise the risk of sunburn caused by tubes and emitters. The reduction of the radiation value now also applies to existing equipment. Original Hanau offers special products to facilitate conversion.

    Easy conversion with Blue:Q
    Original Hanau Blue:Q is a simple plug & play solution to adapt old equipment to the 0.3 W/m² limit range. The solution makes it easier for tanning salon operators to comply with the future statutory regulations in a cost optimised manner. The special high-pressure emitters are made of innovative blue quartz glass with a transmission different from that of conventional quartz glass. The quartz glass emits only longer-wave radiation. Short-wave ranges of the UV spectrum are not emitted, i.e. the undesired radiation that may increase the sunburn risk is reduced directly at the source. Expensive filtering is not necessary. The same filter discs as before can be used and they need not be replaced. Blue:Q emitters are available with powers of 400 to 800 Watt and with various sockets. 

    Now with a guarantee!
    Original Hanau supports the conversion to 0.3 W/m² not just with its products but now also gives a guarantee if a device can be operated in compliance with the UV protection ordinance. This gives tanning salon operators the certainty that the limit value is not maintained. The certificates are issued for each individual sunbed, stating the lamp and emitter type installed. This is based on the contents of the sunbed operating manual and the tanning lamps which are measured using precise measuring techniques. The certificate states that the erythema-rated radiation value is in the range of 0.3 W/m² without exchanging the original filter discs installed in the device.